insert picture in excel

I have an applescript that does work for the most part. It places an image into a cell in excel for me, goes down a cell and then puts another image in that cell. The problem is that as it continuses down rather then placing it in the top left corner of the cell as I the script tells it to it gradualy lowers the images placment in the cell. after about 30 images the image well out of alignment and I have to go back and manually correct.

below is the script
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here?

--choose master ss
set masterss to (choose file with prompt "select the master ss file")
set file_name to name of (info for masterss)
--choose main folder where jpegs are and keep
set jpegdir to (choose folder with prompt "select folder of thumbs") as text
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
          set vfxnamecolumn to 4
          set vfxnamerow to 3
                    set newvfxnamerow to (vfxnamerow + 1)
                    set vfxnamerow to newvfxnamerow
                    if value of cell vfxnamecolumn of row vfxnamerow = "" then exit repeat
                    set cellxx to (value of cell vfxnamecolumn of row vfxnamerow of active sheet)
                    set image_file to (jpegdir & cellxx & ".jpg") as text
                    set newPic to make new picture at the beginning of worksheet 1 of workbook file_name with properties {file name:image_file}
                    set left position of newPic to left position of cell (vfxnamecolumn - 1) of row vfxnamerow
                    set top of newPic to top of cell (vfxnamecolumn - 1) of row vfxnamerow
                    set height of newPic to 140
                    set width of newPic to 280
          end repeat
end tell

No need to place all pictures at one cell. Put 1 image at one cell, then add new empty rows, then put other image at top left corner of cell in empty rows and so on… Or, insert new image to same cell and move then to other place of sheet (that is, align with other cell of sheet).