Install programs from a DMG

Hello there, I have a server that I use for backups, and storing applications that I have purchased or downloaded. After my wife bought her Macbook, I soon tired of unzipping and installing so many individual apps and Automator actions, so I decided to unzip them all (or extract the .apps from their respective DMGs) and put them into a few DMGs that I created, so I could just mount a couple of DMGs, click and drag, then be done. As far as Automator actions and random scripts/plugins go, I found it cumbersome to open the Finder, navigate to the directory, copy the actions/scripts, etc. so I was looking for a way to script them. I remember one of the scripts from Doug’s that I used to install a plugin, and would like to do something similar, but looking at the ‘main.scpt’ in the installer, it seems that there is a lot of info missing (namely, what to install, and where to install it). I looked at the other files in the installer, and all seemed like gibberish, or where empty. Ideally, I would like to create two scripts for each DMG: 1) like the Doug’s script that I can no longer find (or remember, for that matter), you select files from the DMG and drag it to a droplet on the DMG to install (or copy I suppose would be more accurate) the scripts/apps to a particular location, and 2) a one-click installer that will install/copy everything at the root of the DMG to a particular location. With these two options, one can choose to install everything on the DMG, or selectively install files from the DMG.
I am just not sure where to start, seeing that the Doug’s installer that I was ‘studying’ seems to be missing some info (well, it’s there, I just don’t know how to find it!).
Thanks in advance for any point into the right direction!