Installer acknowledge click Accept not responding

I am trying to remotely run a bunch of installers automated.
They are by InstallerVise and I can’t seem to get past the License Window.

I run the following the script

tell application "System Events"
	    tell window "License" of process "InstallerVISE"
		click the button "Accept"
		delay 1
	    end tell
end tell 	

I can see the button click and change colours.
However the window doesn’t click away and continue the installer.
It’s stuck.

Any help ?



I can’t test this, but the common syntax to access any UI element is

activate application "InstallerVISE"
tell application "System Events"
	click button "Accept" of window "License" of process "InstallerVISE"
	delay 1
end tell

Thanks for the reply

But nope that doesn’t do it.

I think there is something weird about how the installerVise programs(installers) are built.
Like I said I can see the button click when I try it my way but the window do not advance to the next step.

It could have something to do with it not being the fore most window?
How would I bring it to front and then click?