Intel-Built Project Not Running on PPC

I have an AppleScript application that, after building it for PPC, will appear briefly in the dock then quickly disappear (its GUI never appears) when it’s opened on a PPC. This PPC build opens fine on my MacBook though. I don’t really know too much about the issues surrounding this, but given the simple nature of the program (AppleScript) it seems like there couldn’t be a whole lot of different possibilities for what’s going wrong. Any ideas?

The project is probably not setup to make a Universal Binary.

In Xcode’s menu, click Project and then choose Edit Active Target ‘Whatever’ (where “Whatever” is the name of your target/application). In the resulting window, click the Build tab. In the tab view, set Configuration to “Release” and Collection to “Architectures.” Finally change the “Architectures” setting to “i386 ppc” (you can also select the “Architectures” row, click the Edit button, and check the desired boxes).

Note: I’m using Xcode 2.4.1; Older version might look a little different. Also, if you don’t see a “Release” configuaration, then choose “Deployment” (if that’s available).

Thanks for the reply–I’ve actually tried setting it both as “ppc i386” and as just “ppc” and both give the same result as I described above. Changing the Configuration to “Release” unfortunately didn’t change anything. Is there anything else it could be?

In Xcode’s Project menu, is Set Active Build Configuration set to Release?