Intel & PPC Compile Problem

Hi All !!

I recently replaced my old G4 Powerbook with a new Intel MB Pro. Great machine. Anyway, I am having issues with my apps not compiling correctly for ppc machines (Works great on INTEL). I read through the documentation supplied with Xcode and I think I made all the necessary selections, but still nothing. What might I be missing? Here’s what I did.

In the settings I used in XCODE ver 2.4.1

Cross-Develop Using Target SDK: Mac OS X 10.4 (Universal)

and under the “BUILD” tab

Architectures the value is ppc i386

Thanks for having a look !


Never mind - Just select Upgrade Native Target… That did the trick !!!

Cheers !

“Doctor, something’s wrong. What medicine should I take?”

Take 3 Tablespoons of Code after a meal. Then take your keyboard and bash it against your forehead, make sure to do this a few times. Afterwards be sure to read the documentation thoroughly. With any luck youl feel better in no time at all !!


Cheers !

My point was that you asked how to solve something you didn’t describe at all. Saying you’re having issues, but not what kinds of issues specifically, won’t really get you very far.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. Here’s another approach…

The application I compiled on the new Intel machine would run fine while coding & testing. Then I would copy the app to a PPC machine and I get , what is best described as a “no entry” sign on the app icon. When I double click to launch it, it fails. When I get the Information window for the app I see “Intel” in brackets instead of “Universal” when looking at “kind”.

By the way the info window on the Intel machine gave the same info - “Intel”

So I figured there was something wrong with the Target App in the compiler. Thus I searched through the docs and found I needed to upgrade the native target in the compiler.

Wow I hope that made more sense. Sorry for being unclear.


Much more specific of a problem description there! That’s the smart way to describe issues you’re having. :slight_smile:

You’ve already found the solution, but now future searchers will know the specifics of your problem as well as the solution you found. Helps in searching and reading.

I reread this once or twice a year, give 'er a spin:

(Again, thank you for returning and being more specific.)