I know this is a long shot but since I rarely come up with an idea for an app (they have all be thought of before) I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone had any ideas.

Is it possible to create a simple intercom system for locally networked macs. If one were to hit a hot key and be able to chat, walky talky style to ones networked mates… it would be kinda cool.

Can you imagine Applescript being able to do this… (I can’t) and if not… what new language do I need to learn?


There is an old program called pgpfone which will do this. It was developed and maintained by MIT until 1997 so it may or may not work on newer macs (it was still in beta when development stoppe).

However, the source code is freely available as are the application itself and it’s manual.

You won’t find them at MIT but you can get them here :

Also, here’s an ingenius idea on how to do this using Applescript. I ran accross it on yahoo and you can view it “in line” with the rest of the discussion here :

Here’s just the idea

Thank you very kindly for pointing me to that resource. At least I’m not the only one to think that it would be kinda neat.

I’ve emailed the author of pgpfone to see if he has any ideas.