Interested in a project? (perhaps for $$$?)

Hi all!

I need a very simple app to catalog my SWF (Flash) files (actually, a couple of thousands of graphics and illustrations). Seems that this app doesn’t already exist?

I need it for personal-business purposes, and I’ll be writing it with very basic features:
-Keep record of name, size, etc. of the SWF files.
-Add keywords and assign a category to every item.
-Preview of SWF file.
-Basic search features: keywords and category (and perhaps the rest of the info: bgcolor, size, version, etc.)

I don’t really need help, but help would be very appreciated, and also perhaps you are interested in developing this app, which could become a shareware if it is later a robust app (interesting, as I don’t know of other apps with these features). I’m not interested in money nor being a shareware author (I don’t like supporting customers), so I’d be writing this app with your help (and adding new ideas, if relevant), I would be a vitalicious registered user, and you’d be the one improving this app from time to time, supporting customers, and being paid by them (if you decide to take the opportunity; otherwise, you can still do it for fun or for needs similar to mines).

The real reasons why I would share this project are:
-For fun.
-I hate when a good idea (or what I think it’s a good idea) is only in my mind/computer.
-And I hate also the distribution tasks, and so tired of speaking with lots of users reporting stupid things they call “bugs”, and even the real bug reports, thankful emails, chitchats, etc.

Actually, I have a first idea for the UI and all ideas for the code. There is no need for speed, and I can handle all the SWF business, so you need only applescripting skills. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at julifos[at]mac[dot]com.

I think QuickTIme can give you swf preview, but you might need to do some Objective-C/RealBasic/etc. to use it?

Have you tried using iPhoto, Cumulus, or iView? I know iView does a good job with swf, not sure about the others.

Groovy, thanks for the info about iView!

I’ll take a look just now and see if it fits to my needs, and callibrate if I prefer still writing my own app (€ 169 are too much for lots of other features I won’t be using anyway).

Thanks again!