Interface Builder Font Question...

I’ve noticed that boxes that display text (NSTextView) default to a variable-width Helvetica font if the nib file is saved in the ‘10.2 or later format’ (as defined in Interface Builder preferences). An example of this is the ‘Shell Script’ app that is part of the Applescript Studio examples in the developer tools. If it is saved as a ‘Pre 10.2 format’ build, it displays text in a fixed-width Monaco font that is easy to read if you’re doing a directory listing with multiple columns of information. If ‘Shell Script’ is saved as a ‘10.2 or later format’, the text is displayed as variable-width Helvetica, which is not as readable. If you try to change the font back to Monaco, Interface Builder will act like it accepts the change, but it will not save it.

Does anyone know how to make a ‘10.2 or later format’ app display a fixed-width font?



Hmmm… I don’t know if this will help, but some time ago I found a similar problem, when a text view didn’t save the settings (font color and so on). Finally, I typed a blank space into the text view and that helped to retain the text format.

Thanks!!! That was all it took. I’ve been trying to figure that out for the past week…

Thanks again.