Interface Builder text size options

Currenty i’m working on a little timer (just for learning Xcode).

So far it is working fine and the time on the window (made with Interface Builder) is perfectly counting down.
But how can i adjust the text size? I would like the timer fields to be a lot bigger (lets say about size 16 or 18).
At the inspector i can only chose between Regular, Small and Mini text size. How can i get it bigger then Regular?
The fields off the timer are just normail “NSTextField” fields. Or can’t the size be changed?
How is it then done in a application like AmazingSlowDowner?

Please help me, any advice would really appreciated! :slight_smile: I just can’t find it on the Internet or Xcode library

Hi Anne,

just select the element in Interface Builder an press cmd-T,
then you can choose font and size.