interface scripting radio buttons and checkboxes of a non UB app.

I’ve got a very strange problem here I’m writing a script that controls the interface of an app that has a UB version and a non UB version for users of 10.3.x

Now in the UB version I can do set theVariable to (get value of check box “name of check box” of window “name of window”) and that returns a value of 1 or 0 depending on wether the check box is on or off at the time. Same applies to radio buttons and is as I’d expect…

But in the non UB version that same statement returns weird multi digit values like 25455 or -16364 and those values are the same wether the checkbox or radio buttons state is on of off making it impossible for my script to get the state.

With the Radio buttons this is only a minor problem as I can just have my script arbitrarily click the radio buttons it needs clicked as clicking a radio button that is already on does not change it’s state but with the check boxes clicking a check box that is already on turns it off so this becomes a serious problem.

I’ve been corresponding with the apps developer via email and he says that the non UB version was built with 10.1. So I’m wondering if that is somehow the cause of the strange values carried by the radio buttons and check boxes.

I know that interface scripting didn’t come about until 10.3 but I would think that the interface of an app that was built with 10.1 should still be scriptable while running in 10.3.x

So, Does anybody have any info about why the strange values and how can my script get there states when running in 10.3.x?