Interfacing withh a UI prompt in applescript

I’m writng up a script to mount a webdav through an apple script amongst other mounts such as smb so users don’t have to do it them selves. the only problem is with the mount_webdav command which does not accept that you put the user name and password in the command line itself… It brings up a login prompt, but I don’t want users to see it, or to type info in it because I just know that they won’t know what to type in… I’d rather have my script prompt them for user name and password in the right fashion so they do type in the right credentials. However, I checked the login prompt window with UI Inspector to find what I should target to send the user innfo to for login, but alas ! here is what UI inspector states for login, same for password:

<AXApplication: “UserNotificationCenter”>
<AXWindow: “”>

AXRole: “AXTextField”
AXRoleDescription: “text field”
AXHelp: “(null)”
AXValue (W): “”
AXEnabled: “1”
AXFocused (W): “1”
AXParent: “<AXWindow: “”>”
AXWindow: “<AXWindow: “”>”
AXPosition: “x=736 y=295”
AXSize: “w=290 h=21”
AXSelectedText (W): “”
AXSelectedTextRange (W): “pos=0 len=0”
AXNumberOfCharacters: “0”
AXVisibleCharacterRange (W): “pos=0 len=0”

AXConfirm - confirm

This window pprompt comes up to the front and sticks there… Any other program or window will be behind it automatically and cannot move it backwards…
Now here is my command:

do shell script “mount_webdav” & uniform_login & " /Volumes/Folder"

I’m ok for the prompt for the user to get their info, thats a sinch, but I’d need help to figure out how to get that info into the username and the password field in that floating window…

Thanks !

Any one have an idea on this ? Or can refer me to a person or place that may be of help ?