Internet Connect launcher

I’m trying to create an Applescript standalone application that launches Internet Connect. Right now, it’s easy, I just have a 1 liner:

tell application “Internet Connect” to launch

and then I save it as a standalone app.

The problem is this, if I have Internet Connect up and running already, but I have the Internet Connect “window” closed, the Applescript app appears to launch itself, then go away without doing anything. That makes sense, of course, since Internet Connect is already up and running. What I need to somehow figure out is how to tell Internet Connect to launch, and if it’s already launched but it’s window is closed, re-open up it’s window again. Internet Connect is unique in that you can “close” the apps window and the app is still running. (As opposed to minimizing the window where it does into the Dock)

Is this what you’re looking for?

tell application "Internet Connect"
	set visible of window "Internal Modem" to true
end tell