Internet Connect Scripting

Hi Folks,

To get the state of a connection like “time connected” or sent/received bytes you have to be on the correct button of your connection - to script this I am using the following:

tell application "Internet Connect" 
   tell application "System Events"
        tell window 1 of process "Internet Connect"
           tell button "Web'n'Walk Box" of tool bar 1
       end tell
   end tell
end tell

So far so good - this is working really good if the button is really visible - if the button is not visible (because you have to press arrows to reach the interfaces) then the script crashes…

Has somebody a clue how to make all the buttons of the interfaces visible?

In my case I have the Interfaces: web’n’walk box compact, web’n’walk box, web’n’walk card express

Thanks for any suggestions,


Hi Folks,

with an UI Browser tool I found out that
the buttons are named the following way:

application "Internet Connect" 
standard window "Web'n'Walk Box compact" (1)

Does anybody know how to call them?

Thanks for your help!