invoke midi note from acript

I need to write a script which simply plays a midi note when i get a an sms message.

I have got the sms script working.

how do i get the script to play a note? do i have to set the midi channel?

i worried after trawling the forums this might not be possible.

as an ugly solution, could i get a script to invoke play midi mote in another application? in which case which is most suitable?



if the MIDI note is supposed to be always the same, create a MIDI file with an appropriate editor and play
it with something like PlaySound

You can also play sounds not using the PlaySound-application, but the afplay-shell script:

set mySound to (choose file with prompt "Choose a sound file")
set mySound to POSIX path of mySound
do shell script "afplay " & quoted form of mySound

Hope it helps,

I am not trying to play a sound. It has to play a midi note. The midi will then trigger another device.

thanks - Pete

please google applescript midi, there are some solutions.
I hope that’s what you’re looking for.