iPhoto droplet script

I know that there used to be an iPhoto import droplet on the Apple website, but now, the link to the source (towards the bottom of that page, in the “Additional Scripts” section, now links to the GUI scripting pages, where the iPhoto droplet is nowhere to be found. Can someone please tell me where I can get a droplet script, that I can place in FInders sidebar and/or in the dock, that I can drag one or many pictures onto for import into iPhoto? I’m pretty disgusted that Apple neglected to make iPhoto’s dock icon able to have files dragged onto it, like so many other Mac apps are able to do. For example, I can drag any image onto the Photoshop dock icon, and the pic will open in PS. Why can’t I do this with iPhoto? And yes, I know about the ctrl-option drag-n-drop trick for iPhoto libraries, but this isn’t what I need to do.
Oh, and FWIW, I’m running iPhoto 4 on Panther. (And I just noticed that the page I linked to above has scripts for iPhoto 2–this is odd, considering the url of the page)