iPhoto import - there's something I don't see

Hi everyone,

I don’t manage to get this very very simple command running and I’m trying for 45 min now… all examples on the net are more complicated and I don’t understand them.

tell application "iPhoto" to import from "mi1:users:mihaicalin:Pictures:Temp:latest import:" to album "Temp" without force copy

When run, I get the iPhoto error:

Unreadable Files: 1
The following file could not be imported (The file was missing)
mi1:users:mihaicalin:pictures:temp:last import:

I’m sure this is a very simple thing for a pro. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi macexpert,

the dictionary of iPhoto regarding the import command is a bit confusing.
iPhoto expects either an alias or a POSIX path (!)

Great Stefen! Added the “as alias” and it works now. I wonder why I didn’t think of that… thanks :slight_smile: