iPhoto: ipal and ipmr classes?

Hello everyone.

Disclaimer: I’m complete Automator and AppleScript rookie although I am fluent in several other programming languages (Delphi, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, AutoHotkey, …)

Scenario: I’ve been looking for a small project to implement in AS as a self-teaching experience. As my mom just got a digital frame as a present and has my old white Macbook (she’s an iPhoto expert now :D) I thought of automating the syncronization between an iPhoto album and the digital frame’s memory card.

As it is a quite straightforward process I thought on making first an Automator version, in order to compare AS and Automator in such a simple (or so I thought) job.

There are several steps to solve but the one I need help right now is the following: Make a copy of the photos in the “Marco digital” album (“digital frame” in Spanish) to a folder.

In Automator I search for the iPhoto album and then I get the selected photos, right? Well, no. What I get almost every time is an “ipal” object (“iPhoto album” I guess?) and a list of ipmr objects respectively. If I try to use these results with Finder’s actions I get an error about not being able to convert com.apple.iphoto.photo-object to com.apple.applescript.alias-object :confused:

What nags me the most is that a couple of times (out of a couple dozen tries) I’ve got the results shown in the first images, the ones with IDs and no “ipal” or “ipmr” references. Any idea of what’s happening? Is the conversion error related? Is there a “pure” (as in “without resorting to AS or installing 3rd party actions”) Automator way to do what I want? (This example is discouraging :().

Regards from Spain,