I’ve run into a problem using iPhoto. In short, I want to be able to have multiple libraries for a single user. When iPhoto opens, though, it opens a default library. I have discovered that if you change the name of the “iPhoto Library” folder withing “~/Pictures”, iPhoto does not know what to do, and asks the user to either create a new library or point it to the old one.

There is a problem, though: as soon as you give iPhoto the address to a new library, the dialog disappears unless you change the name of the folder every single time you close iPhoto.

What I need to know is if/how I can tell iPhoto (with AppleScript) the location of the default library. I know enough AppleScript that I can prompt the user to see which library they want to open, but I don’t know and can’t figure out how to tell iPhoto where the library it should open is. Any suggestions?


I know this is an old message, but I have been using iPhoto Library Manager for a couple of years and absolutley love it. I am currently scripting a program to help organize my photos in the various libraries that the Manager sets up. I have found that as long as the Manager program tells iPhoto what the default library is, it listens.

Here is the website: http://homepage.mac.com/bwebster/iphotolibrarymanager.html

Good Luck

Craig Smith