IPTC info into TIFF files


I’m trying to find out if there is a way to get the IPTC info fot a TIFF file into the TIFF file without opening this file.
Perharps someone has seen this in a script?
Hope to get some suggestions.

thanks, Gerlo

This is a work for Image Info: http://www.kanzu.com/

thanks, a fine application, but I don’t want to read the info. I want to write the info into a TIFF file. Fot a JPEG file this is possible, but for TIFF?

“into the TIFF file”… Ooops! :rolleyes:

Then… I don’t know…

I’ve been taking a look to a set of utilities called “ImageMagick” and perhaps these are the answer to your question… Seems that they will run under the UNIX shell, so you can automate it easily (via shell scripting or via AppleScript-shellscripting).
Seems that also Mr. Leonard Rosenthol wrote a scriptable interface for Mac OS some time ago (look at http://www.lazerware.com/imagemagick/), but I don’t know if it will work or not, since this is the first time I heard about this utility :wink:
Perhaps you can find here Adding Images to Your Site some samples on imagemagick scripting.
Or here http://imagemagick.sourceforge.net/www/ImageMagick.html#details-profile

Good luck (if you find it useful, I’d like a brief notice to take a look into it :wink: )

Another shot, perhaps easier but shareware: http://www.end-if.com/Media_Asset_Management/GW_Meta_IPTC.htm