is greater than or equal to

A really basic question that I can’t resolve.

Why in some scripts does

x ≥ 0

not compile

and have to be replaced with

“is greater than or equal to”



You have to change the encoding of your script file!

I had the same problem - and just changed the encoding to MacRoman (or utf8, not sure) and it worked again!

This is a question allways in my mind… Why don’t you use your favorite script editor for your applescript-studio needs? (as there are lots of “why’s” I wouldn’t use Xcode for script debugging)

Just in case you’re not aware, you can define an external editor for “.applescript” or “.scpt” files in Xcode’s prefs, “File Types” tab (file > text > sourcecode > sourcecode.applescript)

I use a special myself-patched copy of Smile (I would share the code if needed, it’s very easy), and I know you can use also Script Debugger. And you can simply enclose all your code inside:

using terms from application "Xcode"
--> blah
end using terms

So the script compiles OK, and use the Script Editor if you wish so.

This would provide you with your regular productivity and debugging tools (additional scripts, contextual menus and advanced debugging techniques), appart from removing this kind of encoding (or other) issues…

BTW, “Mac OS Roman” works fine here, and should work there, as the AppleScript compiler won’t accept characters other than mac-roman…

Just some cents :wink:

Yes, I just couldn’t remember whether it was MacRoman or utf8. :P:D


Had a look at Script Debugger. A lot of money and the debugger is not compatible with Tiger?

You talked of smile. I would be interested in your code to try it out and see if it is a better environment.



The basics would be: install Smile 3.0.6. Browse its package contents and replace:
/Contents/Resources/Class Scripts/Application
(I would better rename the old file and place the new one, just in case you need it later)

I requested Satimage in the Smile Users List to add this patch for next versions (cross fingers).

If you feel puzzled the first time you open Smile and see a blank window (as in any script editor, BTW), feel free to surf the large and well-illustrated documentation (and ask here, if needed).

The regular behaviour in Smile (without patch), IIRC, would be opening the .applescript file as a text file, but that would involve various steps before you could really start working with the file. The patch will identify the .applescript file as a Studio file, will open it in a script window and set its target to Xcode, so you are ready to type return and compile it (if you wish so).

BTW, the patch also adds Smile the capability to edit Script Editor “application bundles” (.app files).


Visited the link you provided and no download.

Please advise.



Oooops. Sorry. I edited the link and post it here just in case:


Excuse my manners, thanks, just about to try it out.