is it correct ? to quit the finder to get more memory

hi all
in system 9 we can quit some applications to get more free memory … in OS X I got this way but I don’t know is it useful or not … can somone advice me Pls

	delay 5 --Ideally more frequest than this, but remaining low on resource usage
	tell application "System Events"
--> xxxxxxx is the main application need ram like PhotoShop
		if (exists process "xxxxxxx") then
			quit application "Finder"
			activate application "Finder"
		end if
	end tell
end repeat

after that I save it as app and run it from the login as startup item
is this way is ok ? and how much memory finder takes from the ram?
thank you
a. Al,Sadr

OS X versions 3 & 4 do an excellent job of managing memory, so if you’re short of memory the system does a lot of swapping. If you’re not using the Finder, however, and you need memory space, the Finder will be swapped out, and you’ll get the space. If you’re really very short of memory, the best possible strategy is simply to add more.

Al,Sadr -

You won’t really gain much using this AppleScript under OS X, mostly because of the way X manages memory now.

You’d essentially be substituting the Finder with with an AppleScript app that uses just about the same amount of RAM, but adds overhead on the CPU when it polls the system every five seconds whether the Finder is running or not.

So, all in all, that script would only be a break even kind of thing. Since memory is relatively inexpensive now, I would consider increasing the RAM in my machine - that is, if you’re able.

Alternatively, you could also just use a simple Finder toggle script to manually quit and restart the Finder at will. This solution would not add the CPU overhead by polling every few seconds, and would free up the memory you’re looking for:

tell application "System Events"
	if (exists process "Finder") then
		quit application "Finder" -- If Finder is running, quit it...
		activate application "Finder" -- If Finder is not running, start it...
	end if
end tell

Hope that helps.

Jim Mitchell

I don’t see the benefit at all, here.

RSIZE is under 16 MB here for me. Even if that doubled, we’re still barely talking about anything significant.