Is it possible to automate this situation using Apple Script

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Is it possible to automate this situation?

I’m trying to optimise my image workflow using applescript but before starting this huge task I would like to know if the following task are possible. I will try to describe as much as possible the situation:

  1. Image comes from a compact Flash card. Images on this card are stored in different folder (ex: one folder for each player). All folder on the card are named by a person to match it’s content. The name of the folder is very improtant since this helps to sort all the images.

  2. The RENAMED folder are then copied to a folder (with an action script attached to it). The following sequence happend:

    • Original images are copied to a folder (ex: /CurrentEvent/ORIGINAL/)
    • Folder containing images are then enter a resize or scale process, so the largest size of the images = 640 pixels.
    • Images are then rotated 90 degrees Couterclockwise
  3. Html pages are then generated using a special template that was created with iView Media Pro 1.5.7( – This software is applescript compatible) iView enables me to show images name (ex DSC_12345.jpg) in the html…
    - A html document MUST be generated for each folder.
    - Folder with generated html must be copied to folder (ex: /CurrentEvent/HTML/)

As I write this, I do ALL these steps manually! Wich is long and painful… is it possible to automate all this, does anyone doiing the same procedure automatically?

Any help or hints are REALLY appreciated,


Claude Ferron

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Hi, Claude.

This is the typical task for AppleScript. I think all steps you mention can be reproduced by applescript: move files, rename folders, manipulate images, tell iView to generate html pages…

Perhaps, the best you can do is ask more concrete questions, such as “how do i copy contents of folder a to folder b” or “how can I rotate a bunch of jpgs”.

Good luck!