Is it possible to hide an AFP share from a user?

Hey there,

I was wondering…I have an Applescript App that moves files from folder to folder (based on User input) on an AFP share. I am using an AFP share because I am restricting the Permissions on the folders via OS X server and ACLs (with WGM).

The script works fine provided that the users don’t manually move files around themselves (these are Final Cut Pro project files that they are moving, deleting, what have you). And if the AFP share is mounted and open, this becomes very inviting…

So, is there a way to mount an AFP invisibly? So that you can still copy the files around etc? But that the users would not easily monkey with the files? Searching via Google hasn’t turned up much…

Any ideas on what I could do in a situation like this?



maybe it’s sufficient, to disable “Connected Servers” in the preferences of the Finder?

I don’t want to monkey around with the preferences on multiple users’ computers. They may need, or expect, to mount other AFP shares as they are accustomed to. And some users may simply refuse to comply. So, because of this I don’t think that will do.

Any other possibilities?


My only thought is to use the Terminal and ssh to copy and move files around. Of course with the “do shell script” applescript command you can probably automate it. But back to my point, by using ssh you wouldn’t need to mount any AFP servers on the local computer. Here would be my workflow…

  1. ssh from the server into the local machine.
  2. move files around with the “mv” command.
  3. copy files back-and-forth using the “scp” command or “rsync” command