Is it possible to program a game with Applescript?

Hi to all!
Let me tell you a little about this…
Once upon a time I played “Enter to the Matrix”, which i didn’t like… but one then, one day I found a link on the main menu that said “Hack the Matrix”. It lead to some kind of mini-game in which all you had was some form of console, and you had to type your way to commands, helps, manuals in order to hack and navigate to the matrix and find, ultimatly, Morpheo and a message from Neo ( or something like that ). I loved that mini-game. It was easy, it was fun, and it gave the impression that you were actually hacing something (not that I know anything about that, but I’ve seen a couple of movies to get the idea…). Since then I’m trying to find a game like that… but I couldn’t. All I found was Uplink and Hacker Evolution… and both use tha mouse and some kind of advanced futuristic and unreal interface…
So, tired of not finding the game, and which some time to spare and things to learn I thought “what the heck!'ll make it!”, but then I realized that the only language I can really do something that works is with Applescript.
Considering that the interface is going to be really simple ( just like Terminal, but with some quadrants for video or sound reproduction ), and that the whole game is going to be command-line based…

Is is possible to program it with Applescript?

I’d really like your opinion on this…



with plain AppleScript only math games are possible (no graphics, restricted display capabilities)
with AppleScript Studio using only AppleScript code you can write games, but also restricted to the
data and interface types you can access with AppleScript.
For example a forum member has written an AppleScript Studio memory game with custom images.

The major problem is speed. A command line or Obj-C based program will always run faster than an AppleScript based program
and speed is a crucial point for games :wink:

I made Rock Paper Scissors in pure Applescript :smiley: