Is there a good book or tutorial?

I want to learn applescript, essentially. Tutorials, Books, Cds W/e. They will all do. I just want to learn.
Also I would like stuff on objective-c, Java, JavaScript,Cocoa. Eventually I want to be able to build apps for iphone. So really, anything that would get me to that point. Also how to change the look of the window bars and stuff. (Like in shapeshifter)

As with applescript, I just want to learn. Videos, Pdfs, w/e.
The end part isn’t really related to applescript, but it’s a similar train of thought. :smiley:

I started my education with “The Tao of Applescript”. The publication date is 1994, and some of the info is outdated”lots of OS 9 era stuff”but many of the basic commands/syntax are the same. I’m sure there are more recent books that are worthwhile, but probably none cheaper; you can find it on Amazon for about 35 cents, US.

That looks like a good book. Too, bad it’s not for OS X.

Man that’s cheap though.

Have you looked at the main page for this website? It has all you need for applescript tutorials in the unscripted section and applescript source book, plus there’s other sections like the book/resources that would interest you.

Plus apple has the applescript language guide at

I’m going to check out that books section.

I actually have the apple tutorial.
What I really want though, is a book where you don’t really have to make a conscious effort to memorize stuff.
The kind where you go through it and learn just by reading and doing the examples.

That’s why I figured I would post, you can’t really tell if the book is going to be like that without reading at least some of it.