Is there a keyboard shortcut to view previous commands in AppleScript?

Hi Everyone, I cannot find anything on how to use a keyboard shortcut to find previous AppleScript commands or scroll through commands using the up/down keys like in the Terminal. Is there a way to do this?

Browser: Safari 537.36
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)


Unfortunately Spotlight, doesn’t see a run script as opened, or spotlight indexing is turned off in the folders where the scripts are stored, otherwise, you could have managed to make a hack that opened a finder window with the most resently used scripts first. You wouldn’t be able to run the scripts from the finder window anyway, so it would be futile anyway.

However, maybe Quicksilver (free app) is something for you then, letting you start out typing the first few characters of the script, after having invoked a hotkey, and set up your script folders for indexing. It may lag if your folder structure is too deep.

Another possibility is to install Fast Scripts I am not sure if that can be operated quickly to show the menu, but you could make a hack that would invoke the various keypresses from an Automator action that would show you the list of the most recent used scripts (from the menu). Fastscripts also allow you to assign shortcuts to scripts without going thru the hurdles of creating an Automator service to assign a shortcut key to.

I hope this helps and that someone else really knows a more ingeneous way to solve this problem.


Another solution would be to make a unix script, that sorts the files by access times, and then make up a list with the sort utility, and let you choose the script to run from a list dialog, and run the choosen script through AppleScript runner.
The script could be embedded in an automator service, and that way you’d have easy access to the most recently used scripts.