Is there a way to let my handlers show up a like a method in XCode?


Is there any facility out there, that lets me pick AppleScript methods, like an Objective-C method. Or is there a way I can make it happen myself?

I am sure you understand what I mean: I am tired of writing html, that I have to maintain, so I wonder if there is another way of achieving this? It would have been good, to just include a source file in a project, and then have the handler show up, as I start typing!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

And I am sure I don’t…


Maybe if I actually tried to see if autocompletion, like for methods in Objective-C actually works for AsobjC projects… :slight_smile:

Auto-completion depends on the app you’re typing in. If you want auto-completion for ASObjC, you’re only choice I’m aware of is AppleScriptObjC Explorer.


Thank you very much Shane, that was the answer I was hoping for.
That is a lot less cumbersome than having to set up an auto-completion environment for AppleScript in vim. :wink:

I guess that by now, I should be comfortable with a trial period, until they release Maverick. (For me this is really a must in order to be productive with AppleScript, in the sense that I should’t have to work extra in order to reuse code.)

I think it’s a must for ASObjC, with those long method names and AppleScript’s behaviour when you mis-capitalize something.