Is there a way to surf the net without opening safari window?

I was curious. Lets say I wanted to log into my ebay account. I could open safari and do all of this, but clicking links or whatever. But, is there a way to open links if you know the address, without opening the websites?

Why would you do that? You need to be much more clear on what you’re trying to do. However “ to vaguely answer a vague question “ it is possible to send and receive data via HTTP with something other than a browser.

You mentioned eBay, so perhaps you’re thinking about something like iSale.

Hey Bruce. I wanted to buy a watch on ebay last night that ended at 4 AM. So, I used a sniper service online. It cost money to maintain their services, so I thought I would make one for personal use. I could do it using click commands and all of that, but I wanted someting without the open windows. Can you tell me some basics on sending this sort of info?

Anyone? Ferris Bueller? Anyone?

You can use curl to download the HTML of any website, but the problem you’ll face is logging in to get to your personal page.

This will get the text:

set myURL to ""
do shell script "curl " & myURL

but you’ll have to read man curl to see how to manage the authentication for ebay.

Is there a way to login to ebay?