Is there any way to move to a certain position in AppleScript Editor 2


Do anybody of you know the curse for moving the cursor
in a window in AppleScript Editor, which preferably does not come with a price tag.

If anybody know about a command line utility which moves the cursor in in a cocoa window, by addressing the window by its id, then I’ll live happily with that. If that is the only solution.

I think I have tried everything I can do with the insertion points and selection object, (which has a character range that is read only of all things.

If anybody has any solution to circumvent this problem by any means which does not include paying for something; then it would be great.

Hello. :smiley:

I figured it out. (I have to use System Events to make the window move anyway, And I do that by an arrow key press,
os this will suffice!

tell application "AppleScript Editor"
	tell its document 1
		set selection to character 19
	end tell
end tell