Is there anyway to pass a commandline param to a program ???

Hello everyone!!

I am trying to figer out how to pass commandline params to apple programs and I am wondering if apple script can do that,

Thank you for your help.

Mac apps aren’t really started via a hidden command line like they are in windows; and so they don’t often have any parameters you can pass to them. One exception is BBEdit which can install a BBEdit command line tool which lets you do something like:

% bbedit ~/Desktop/myfile.txt

Another is Interarchy. But these are often the exception to the rule. What is it that you are trying to do?


I have an application (java app) that you can pass params to and I have a plugin that is in developement for both Mac OSX and windows and I am wondering how I can pass commandline params to it and other mac apps. I figured apple script may be a solution. The plugin would dynamically create and execute the applescripts to send the command line params to applications.