Is this possible -- with Applescript / Folder Actions ????

I’m very new to Applescript, so please forgive my ignorance on this…

I have a a mac running 10.3.5, on which I share a folder with some users.
Some of my users are mac, some are PC… connecting via Windows Sharing
enabled on the mac.

I’d like to setup the system so that the users can create folders and upload files…

BUT… once they have created a folder or uploaded a file, I want that file or folder
to be read-only to them after that point.

Someone told me that this is possible with folder actions and an Applescript… could someone verify if this is possible ?? and if it is, hopefully point me in the right direction ?

It would be most appreciated. Cheers. :slight_smile:

The reason I want to do this is because my users are uploading files to a shared folder and then uploading them to a filemaker database system that will rely on the paths to the files not changing… If the path changes or a folder is renamed, the system’s access to the file will be broken.


If you read the dictionary from the finder you wil see how the change de privileges of an file or folder.

tell application "finder"
set owner privileges of file "file" to read write
set group privileges of folder "folder"  to read only
set everyones privileges of file "file" of folder "folder" to write only
end tell

will this in fact do exactly what I want to do though ?

I want the parent folders to remain writeable, but everything in them to be changed to read-only as soon as a file /folder is added.

AND… i want this to happen even when someone is connecting to that folder from a PC

does that make sense ?

could someone elaborate on that little bit of code ?

it doesn’t look correct to me for what I want from the little I know.