Is this possible...

I use AOL as my ISP but I rather not use their browser, their tech support said I can’t dial up without using their browser/dial up application. I thought I might be able to use an apple script to dial up using their application have the script press return to connect and hide AOL, then launch Safari. If I gave this script my browser’s icon, then it would solve my dilema.
Is this the sort of thing that apple script can do? if so where do i start? I would appreciate any help.
Gavin. :?:

First you need to have a look at the AOL Application Applescript Dictionary and determine is there is a set of commands to do such a thing. If that particular dialing application is Applescriptable then you probably can. Or you could use the GUI script features of Applescript to use the application.
This link has plenty of info and script examples.