Is this possible?

I am new to scripting, in fact, I am too busy doing other things to really tackle scripting, so I come to you…I am in need of what should be a simple script for any seasoned Applescripter…here’s what I need:
I need a script that, when run, will backup a user’s ‘Documents’ folder to a network share dropbox. The script should prompt for a name and password so it will back up to a specific user’s dropbox. Here’s the problem: each computer is ‘cloned’ and the user on each machine is ‘Student’, not the user’s particular name (laptops, so a networked Netinfo login is not an option, and setting each person’s name is also not an option, 400+ laptops). So, on a server, each user will have a dropbox. The script is basically “Connect To Server, prompt for ID to login to that user’s dropbox, copy ‘Documents’ folder to the dropbox and unmount the sharepoint”. I want to basically have one icon on the desktop, that when double clicked, will prompt for their ID and do the rest without their input. Is this clear?
Any help is surely appreciated, as I am at my wit’s end with this…

I guess it’s not possible, 30 views, no replies. Sigh… :rolleyes:

This is really a BBS to help people write AppleScript, not to ask for unpaid programming consultants.

What you want to do sounds possible, although as I read it, the user would only be asked for their ID, not any password. If that is true, it would let them get into other users’ folders just by knowing their ID. Not good.

It looks like your best bet would be to have a droplet/applet that asks for their id, then brings up the login screen for the Appleshare folder you want so they can type in a password. Then it would do the rest and dismount the shared volume. There is plenty of example code on this BBS that does all of the pieces of this that you want.