Isn´t a range property but, it´s possible to change it?

I want to know if it’s possible to modify the properties of thickness and color of the outline of a cell or range in Numbers by a script. What would be the sentence?
e.g.: It’s easy for the background color of the cell since it’s one of its properties:

“Set the background color of cell “C3” to {65535,0,0}”

That is not possible I think, but you could do a handler that use GUI Scripting.
If that is your approach its also good to have a check that you are in the right tabs.
The reason for this check. If you are in the wrong tab your GUI script will not work.

What your like to do is a text property, the only thing you could do is: font, color and size.

thank you very much Fredrik71

Its possible to use text edit and pick outline in the menubar. This is possible with GUI scripting and next your could select it and copy. Now you have rtf in the pasteboard.
To be used in number.

You could change the color (outline) in TextEdit.

I was looking if it was possible to use NSAttributeString but I only find strokeColor
but I’m not sure if NSAttributeString have outline property or maybe it calls something else.
If I had the outline I guess it would be possible to use strokeWidth.