It is urgent trouble

Hi All,

I have developed an application for OS Classic and Quark 4.1.

Now, we are going to switch over OSX.

My applicatiion is placing all images in quark document and print to default printer, and my default printer ins “Acrobat Distiller”.

I have also made a watch folder using Acrobat Distiller 5.0. Now as every images get imported printer will generate .ps file then finder moved this to IN folder of watch folder and from OUT user got .pdf file.

Now, what I want:

I want to run the same application from another system which is running on OSX.

I have shared my Classic system and also enable “Program Linking”, then I launched Acrobat Distiller, Quark 4.1, and fonts activated.

Now I have accessed classic system from another system which is running on OSX. I have launched Classic there and run the program???

But the program is showing error because I have booted in OSX, so anybody can help me how can I do it. I want to use features of Classic enabled system from OSX enabled system.

I think I am unable to explain what I want.


I’m sure that there are other people out there with more experience than me at running and scripting OS 9 applications on a computer running OS X. If it were me, I would avoid it and update your scripts to Quark 6 or convert them to InDesign. If you have to have them in Quark 4 then keep a dual boot computer around that you can boot back into OS 9 or better yet keep computer booted in OS 9 with sharing on and try to build an automated workflow around drop folders so that you can mount the OS 9 system’s HD and place the files to process into is’s “IN” box and pick up the processed files in the “OUT” box.