iTunes 2 WebPage?

4/2/02 8:17 AM: Suddenly, burst into the room and said:

Hi there Doug!
: I’m looking for a script that would parse the currently playing track in
: iTunes 2(.0.3) to a web page. I’m not much of a programmer, but I would
: presume that this could be done with a cgi include.
: Any idea how this could be done?
: I’m looking for a solution like this one if humanly possible -
: with all sorts of goodies including song-tracking (like charts-o-mat) and
: statistics…
: Hello,
I see what you mean. The icepick site is a good example.
This can be done with AppleScript and JavaScripts scripts, however, I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. I was working on something similar with SoundJam, but then iTunes came out and, well, you can imagine…
What can be done at this point very simply is:
An AppleScript “watches” iTunes; when the track changes, it re-writes a text file, which is periodically checked by a Javascript (or what have you) that writes the data to a webpage – obviously, this all happens on the serving computer.
There may be a way of doing it via Perl and Unix, but I am not at that level yet! I only recently just figured out how to get simple CGIs going on my own machine.

I should probably state that the itunes mac and the server will be separate computers, so the script should upload to a remote ftp-server…