iTunes 4.0.1 and artwork success

Lets you add artwork to tracks in iTunes.

OS version: OS X

set theImage to read (choose file) as picture
tell application "iTunes"
    set theP to view of front window
    tell theP
       set data of artwork 1 of track 1 to theImage
    end tell
end tell

This script still works (I have on Catalina OS). I decided to add 2 other ways that also work (tested)

-- any image. NOTE: Please don't choose very large image file 
set theImage to read (choose file of type {"public.image"} without multiple selections allowed) as picture

-- add artwork to selected tracks of front browser window
tell application "Music" to tell front browser window
	repeat with selectedTrack in (get selection)
		set data of artwork 1 of selectedTrack to theImage
	end repeat
end tell

-- OR: add artwork to  certain track  of front browser window's view
tell application "Music" to tell view of front browser window to ¬
	set data of artwork 1 of track 3 to theImage

-- OR: add artwork to currently playing track 
tell application "Music"
	set curTrack to current track
	set data of artwork 1 of curTrack to theImage
end tell