iTunes Album Artwork in NSMenuItem

I know this is possible because i’ve seen it. I have a search box, when a term is entered in displays the menu of a popup button with all the results (songs in itunes). What I want is to display the album art of each result and group songs of the same album so that there is only one image of each album. Basically, I want to do what CoverSutra does in their spotlight search feature. Here’s an image of it:

Not to discourage you, but you’re being a bit ambitious if you’re not familiar with Cocoa.

Agreed. But I am here to learn, so hopefully someone can put me in the right direction. I have been using applescript studio for four years and I have a basic understanding of Obj-C.

I posted a link here a few days ago on where you can find an example of getting artwork from iTunes. You can also download a sample app here. This one demonstrates the use of the pasteboard.

There are lots of tutorials on the web demonstrating how to populate a menu. The rest is all logic in setting it up to work the way you want.

I can already get the album art into an NSImageView.

What if I put an NSView inside each menu item? Would I be able to duplicate the NSView for each menu item and populate with with different text and album art?