itunes artwork

Hello People,

i have been trying for the past few days to display some custom artwork for netradios not contaning any artwork, but im not
having any luck in doing so, is there anyway to attach artwork to netradio at all ?

guess not :frowning:


What is netradio?

Sorry, I am not familiar with it but I know you can substitute custom artwork for iTunes album art if it is missing.

Is this something you can do with netradio? I am not so sure, not knowing what netradio is. If it can be scripted like iTunes, then I’d say it is most likely possible.

archseed :slight_smile:

well, as i see it , there is no way to add artwork using “drag’n drop” like with albums…
i know you can add to albums…

Read this.

There is an option if there is no artwork to display your own image. If you only have one custom image to display for every station without artwork that should work. If you have different artwork for different stations then you will have to modify it.

huh i dont want to add image to a webview?

i want to add the image in iTunes ?