iTunes Controller won't move on to next song title display

Alright, first off, I’ve been working on a little iTunes controller (check it out!), which is working great, except for one thing. When iTunes moves on to the next song, the display of the track name doesn’t, until you press pause or another button. How do I get the track info to update when iTunes changes songs. I’ve tried using a repeat loop thing, but that bogs down the program and you can’t press any buttons. Same thing with a delay. A delay wouldn’t work anyway because there’s next track buttons and things that would throw that off.

Any suggestions. You can download the app to see what I mean.

You must have a path going to the song somwhere in your script. When the path changes, change the name in the App. Or you can set each song to a number using a counter. So if song1 is the first song and song2 is the next song and song1 does not equal song2 then change the name to the path/filename of song2.

Hope this helps. We would probably have to see the script to help you out.

I need to make a script that will run my other script when the song changes.

anybody know?

The only way I know to do it is to have an idle routine that constantly queries iTunes to get the currently playing track. You should allow the user to set how often the script checks because checking too often will hog too many resources and not checking enough may be annoying as the track isn’t updated.