iTunes-Display track num as "Playing 4 of 15"

I have an iTunes controller that I want to display the current track number in the current playlist.
The track number property produces the track number that is in the track itself. So if a given track
is set to track number 5 it is number 5 in every playlist it shows up in.

There are 15 tracks in the current playlist.
If Track 14 of current playlist is playing and it’s track number is 5 then it displays

 "Playing 5 of 15"   instead of    "Playing 14 of 15"

Also, can text be centered in the Title of the NSBox Inspector?
This is where I am displaying the above.

If this has already been answered, please show me the link.



I don’t think that you can do this, here’s why: iTunes’ playlists can be set to shuffle and can be sorted based on all kinds of criteria (artist, album, etc). So a track’s “position” in the playlist is rather fluid.

Get the index of the current track.

tell application "iTunes"
	get index of current track
end tell

Thank you!

Doug - brilliant!