iTunes: getting all tracks of the same album

Hi There!

I just wanted to ask you, how I could get a list of all tracks of one album… I specify the album title and the applescript should return all the songs that are in iTunes with the same album tag… could you help me?

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Try something like this:

tell application "iTunes"
	display dialog "Album:" default answer ""
	get tracks of library playlist 1 whose album is (get text returned of result)
end tell

thank you very, very much!

well, maybe you can help me again!

I want to loop through each item and set the artwork… can you tell me how?

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here’s the solution, given currentArtwork is a pict file:

tell application "iTunes"
	repeat with mySong in ((tracks of library playlist 1) whose album is "Living in the material World")
		set data of artwork 1 of mySong to currentArtwork
	end repeat
end tell

this script gets all tracks that are from the album “Living in The Material World” and sets their covers to currentArtwork!

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