itunes question

so I have a play list and almost all the songs are in mpg4 and I need them all to be mp3 I can select them all and convert them to mp3s however then i end up with two files in my library and I can just hand delete them from the play list i have to go back to library find the song in the format that I want to loss and delete it. so the question is does it make sense to write a script to go through the process of converting and deleting or is there something I’m missing ?

I think it does :wink: And I don’t consider it as an iTunes bug: I would be quite angry if iTunes deleted automatically my original files after converting them into another format.
This forum is full of AS code snippets for iTunes - you will quickly find the pieces you need to put together your workflow.


Hi mcgrailm,

have you tried QuickConvert from Doug Adams’ site?


thank you thats exactly what I need

the only thing it does that I I didn’t like (and I sent the suggestion to Doug) is it doesn’t check to see if the track is already in the specified format and therefore pass it by.