itunes question


I am looking for a way to choose 1 of 3 songs in a playlist, and after it’s begun playing it, to then continue playing in a shuffle order after that. I assume the most logical way to do this is to just turn shuffle on, and set a list to the 3 song titles, and choose one of them with via random number-- and then tell itunes to play that one?

Or is there a better way to do this?

well I just did this:

	tell application "iTunes"
	set yogaList to {"Prana Shakti", "Bhodi Mandala"}
			set myYoga to (random number from 1 to count yogaList)
			set myYogaTrack to item myYoga of yogaList
			tell playlist myPlaylist to play (first track whose name is myYogaTrack)
			set shuffle of playlist myPlaylist to true
end tell

and it works just fine… But I am interested if anyone thinks there is a better way…