itunes -- uncheck songs in a specific playlist automatically


I would like to have a script that will automatically “uncheck” songs in a specific playlist.

For instance, I have created a smart playlist for checked songs rated one or two stars. I want to uncheck these songs automatically so itunes won’t play them again. (They are either songs I don’t care for or duplicates).

I do have the script to “toggle checkbox”

tell application “iTunes”
set sel to selection
if sel is not {} then
repeat with aTrack in sel
tell aTrack
set enabled to not (get enabled)
end try
end tell
end repeat
end if
end tell

but how do I tell it automatically do this to a specific playlist?

cindy in indy

Hi Cindy,

you can uncheck all tracks of a specified playlist with one line

tell application "iTunes" to set enabled of (tracks of playlist "myPlayList") to false

thank you
thank you
thank you!

you’re welcome :slight_smile: