iTunes Visualizations Scripting

I have an odd problem…

I develop a program called TuneConnect (, open source) that lets you control iTunes over a network. For v0.8 (the next release), I’m trying to add the ability to control visualizations. To do this, I have created a kind of Visualizations Control Panel, with three options: current visualization, Fullscreen (boolean), and Visualizations On (boolean). No matter what I do, the only way I can turn the visualizations on and off from TuneConnect is if the visualizations are in Fullscreen mode. I can change the current visualization, and turn fullscreen on and off without any problems, but turning visualizations on and off kicks back an error if fullscreen isn’t enabled (I have it all on one sheet in Interface Builder, so the sheet will never dismiss… I had to enclose the on/off instruction in a try block for the program not to hang).

Anyone have any suggestions?


Would you mind posting what you have done so far? I’ll also download the source (if you don’t mind) and see what else I can do.

Here’s a snapshot of the source… take a look and see if you can figure anything out.


It was a bug in iTunes. This is no longer a problem when connecting to iTunes 6.0 or later. :smiley: