Jaguar Mail: Script to move signature to top on Reply/Fwd


As a preface, I am new to the Apple, having just bought a 12" Powerbook. Yes, I made the ‘switch’ from Windows.

I have started to use OS X’s Mail client with multiple accounts (and, therefore, multiple signatures). When I reply to or forward a message, it defaults to no signature. This is fine, because I can then choose a signature from a dropdown. However, Apple Mail puts the signature at the bottom of the message, after the quote from the previous message. I, however, would prefer this at the top of the message. This way, people can actually see my signature without having to scroll to the bottom.

So, what I’m looking for is a script that, on choosing a signature from the dropdown, will move the signature that would be placed from the bottom of the textbox to the top of the textbox. Does anyone know of such a thing? If not, can someone help me get started in developing this? AppleScript is a foreign language and framework to me, so even the setup (i.e. handling the appropriate event) will take some time.

Note: this feature will be present in Panther’s Mail client, as per the following quote from Apple’s website on Panther Mail:
“If you have a preference for how you’d like your signature to appear — above or below quoted text — Mail now can make it so.”

But I don’t want to wait that long…