javascript (JSX) vs applescript

I have a Indesign book (50 document, 450 pages), my documents have facing pages. When I want to export the book to interactive pdf, the pages are grouped in spreads. I want to create a interactive pdf with single pages.
On the internet I found a jsx script that can do this. The only problem is, that the content of the right page moves a little bit (1 cm).

Is here anyone who can help me to adjust the script or who can translate it to applescript?

Do you use a PDF Preset to export? This option for outputting spreads or not is part of your PDF Preset options.

if you want to export to a “interactive pdf” in indesign CS5, you can’t choose to disable the option spread.
The left page automaticaly joins the right one in spreads. The only way to get them separated is to quit the option facing pages in the document setup. I won’t do this because I need a left and right page.

I found a javascript that nearly works, but I can’t adjust the script … :frowning:
So I am searching someone who can help me with the script or who can translate it to applescript…