Javascript Netscape?

Hi There,

Can anyone please tell me how to execute the ‘do javascript’ command in Netscape? I have the version below working for IE but need to have it run in Netscape Communicator (v4.7)


tell application “FileMaker Pro”

set thenote to cell "cnote" in current record

end tell

tell application “Internet Explorer”

do script "window.document.forms[2].elements['kw-choices'].checked='true'"
do script "window.document.forms[2].elements['in'].value='" & thenote & "'"
do script "window.document.forms[2].elements[58].click()"

end tell

I don’t see anything that allows a “do script” or “do javascript” within the dictionary. It looks like it isn’t possible without something like QuicKeys.


Just now I can’t remember Communicator’s dictionary… But I remember a workaround which may or may not work for those browsers not supporting applescript-javascripting:

tell app "whatever browser" to open location "javascript:alert('whop')"

open location should compile according to the browser’s dictionary.
Some times this javascript stuff deletes the current page’s contents. You can try then using void:


If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work… But it works some times. :lol: