Journler o yeah..

seems ridiculous, but i can’t understand the right syntax to move entries to another folder:

--move data to selected folder

tell application "Journler"
	set theEntries to the selected entries
	set my_fl to { "Forschung", "Arbeit", "Mac", "Musik", "Archiv"}
	choose from list my_fl with prompt "Choose your destination folder"
	set my_ans to the result as string
	if my_ans does not end with false then

		repeat with i in theEntries
			set my_it to i
			move my_it to folder my_ans of folder "Arbeitsplatz"
		end repeat
	end if
end tell

this action will even delete the destination folder…if i give only the name of the designated folder without the path to, then i got an error too.

(* repeat with anEntries in theEntries
		--set my_it to i
		move anEntries to folder my_ans --of folder "Arbeitsplatz" --of folder "Journal"--window 1
	end repeat*)

nothing works…


can Journler really move files and folders within the Macintosh file system?

Journler has his own filesystem and copies data into this one, therefore it isn’t necessary to move files with the finder.
Journler has folders to collect data how in the finder, but i can’t understand the path system of this app.
Suggestions, eventually of Sir Adam Bell? <–i know you like this app very much

OK, got it. You see, I have no idea about that app :wink:

I can’t test this for you because I’m away from home on a machine running Snow Leopard, but my recollection is that move doesn’t work in Leopard. The workaround I recall is to add the selected entry to the chosen folder and then delete it from the original folder.

Hope that helps…